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Can I add a product to my existing subscription?
Can I add a product to my existing subscription?
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Absolutely! Head over to the 'Subscription' section under my account, you will find all your active subscriptions listed under this section. Select the subscription under which you want to add more products. You will see a list of all the products in our 'Essentials' range and four personalized products (Day cream, day serum, night cream and night serum) based on your latest skin assessment.

Once you choose the items you want, select the quantity and hit 'save'. It'll instantly add selected products to your subscription.

In case you accidentally added something, don't worry; drop our Support Team an email at and they'll be happy to assist you.

Promo code: In case your original subscription had a discount applicable on all future orders, you will automatically see discounted prices for each item when you click on 'Add product'.

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