Is Yours clean beauty?

Learn more about our clean beauty standards: Clean Beauty++

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Yes! We live by a 100% clean beauty philosophy. While a lot of our ingredients are natural, not all natural ingredients are safe for the skin. 'Clean Beauty' for us is about ensuring our ingredients are completely safe for you, and that they are sourced ethically and sustainably, with zero impact on the planet. We also prioritise rigorous quality checks to ensure compatibility between all our ingredients.

In fact, we wanted to take it a step further with ‘Clean Beauty++’ a brand value applicable on three levels, that guides our product creation philosophy.

Clean = zero harmful, toxic ingredients. Europe’s stringent cosmetic regulations (our products are made in Switzerland) ban 1,328 toxic ingredients from beauty products, so you won’t find any of these in Yours. We also blacklist an additional 128 ingredients that are known to be harmful for your skin or the environment. In total, we refrain from using 1,456 toxic ingredients that are still readily included in other Clean Beauty products worldwide.

On top of this, we go above and beyond to ensure:

  • + Total transparency of our supply-chain, where each ingredient is sourced from suppliers we trust and not from unknown online suppliers (this happens a lot with beauty brands, where manufacturers don’t ever meet their suppliers!)

  • + Regular, stringent safety and efficacy tests at both ingredient and formulation level, to ensure you receive the highest quality skincare products.

Yours is Clean Beauty++

Today, Yours has multiple checks and balances in place that ensure our partners source for ingredients ethically and in environmentally sustainable ways. We’ve also established systems for ongoing R&D as we continuously expand our library of ingredients and formulations.

Interested in finding out more? Our Founder, Navneet Kaur, shares the industry definition of 'clean' and why we are going beyond just 'clean beauty' in the video below.

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