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Is Yours environmentally-friendly?
Is Yours environmentally-friendly?

Find out why Yours is environmentally sustainable.

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Being environmentally friendly is one of our foundational brand values. First, by leveraging technology to personalized skincare routines, we are in the process of reducing product waste by eliminating the trial-and-error aspect involved in finding the right skincare products for your skin.

Secondly, we only use ingredients that are good for you and for the environment. We only work with suppliers we trust, with complete visibility into their supply chain—we only use ethically sourced ingredients that are safe and sustainable.

Finally, our packaging is designed with an environment-first approach. All our bottles and packaging are fully recyclable and reusable. We also use bottles with airless pumps (see below) that ensure you are able to use every drop of the product without anything sticking on the walls of the bottle – this also makes recycling easy, as bottles can be cleaned with ease.

Learn more about our sustainability efforts and zero waste mission here and you can follow our sustainability roadmap here.

Yours Skincare - Airless Pump Bottles

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