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What is VIP Pricing?
What is VIP Pricing?

All your questions about VIP Pricing, answered.

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I’m an existing subscriber, will my prices be increased?

  • If you have an existing subscription (placed on or before 5th October 2022), your subscription price will stay the same – it'll be locked under VIP Pricing. This means that you will continue paying the same price for your current products even after they have increased site-wide. 😉

  • We would definitely recommend taking the chance now to add any new products to your subscription to lock-in new additions on old prices 🤩

I have an existing subscription placed before 5th Oct’22, but my subscription price increased:

  • If you’re from Australia, your subscription price will only increase if your order value is below A$135. This is because we’ve increased shipping prices by our delivery partner. It will be a nominal charge of A$10. 😞

  • I don't want to pay shipping: We get it. If you don't want to pay for the shipping fee, a great workaround is to add any product(s) to get your subscription value to A$135– and yes, you can get them for old prices. We’ve just enabled the self-serve capability to add products to your subscription from ‘My Account’. Here’s how it works:

What happens if I pause my VIP Pricing subscription?

We understand sometimes you need to pause your subscription and that's okay. You will continue to enjoy the VIP Pricing as long as your subscription is not cancelled.

What if I cancel my VIP Pricing Subscription?

Unfortunately, if you cancel your subscription with VIP Pricing, you will not be able to revive it or regain the VIP Pricing badge again. We recommend pausing your subscription if it's temporary.

I have two subscriptions with VIP Pricing – what happens if I cancel one or both of them?

That's a great question. As long as you have at least one active subscription with a VIP Pricing badge, you will continue to enjoy the perks of VIP Pricing on that active subscription. You will see a badge in front of the eligible subscription.

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