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Everything you need to know about our all new skin progress tracking tool.

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How do I use the selfie comparison tool?

  • Click on 'track progress' and select the camera option. Do click 'allow' so your camera can access our selfie analysis. Once you do that, upload a selfie of your skin (in a well-lit area) to our selfie library.

  • You can compare old photos (uploaded during previous assessments) and new photos using your camera function. Our systems will put them side-by-side to see improvement in skin health.

How do I save my progress to my camera roll?

  • Great question! Click on 'save your skin journey', and the comparison photo will be downloaded to your phone as a file. Alternatively, once you see the comparison photo pop-up, you can long-press the image and click on 'save to camera roll'.

  • You will be able to generate a comparison photo like this which you can share with your friends or on your socials.

Can I upload my progress to social media?

  • Yes! You can share your progress directly to your social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter etc.

Am I able to retake my selfie?

  • Definitely, you can retake your selfie as many times as you would like. All your selfies will be added to your 'Selfie Library'. You will also see a date stamp on the top of your selfie, so you know when you took your last comparison photo :)

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